Publications on the Excellence Initiative

RWTH Themen: First Results of the Excellence Initiative

The Excellence Initiative has generated a strong momentum across the entire University. The high requirements and demands placed on excellent research have gradually been transferred to other areas of the University - as a first result, RWTH Aachen has received a prestigious award for its innovative learning and teaching development strategy, "Students in Focus."

Furthermore, the three excellence clusters and the graduate school are by now in a position to present its first successes. These, and other reports on the successful implementation of measures defined in the new Institutional Strategy, are being presented in the 1/2010 edition of "RWTH Themen."

RWTH Themen: Excellence Initiative - Impulses for the Future

The clusters "Integrative Production Technology for High-Wage Countries" and "Ultra High-Speed Mobile Information and Communication" as well as the AICES Graduate School (Aachen Institute for Advanced Study in Computational Engeneering Science) address research topics with great relevance for the future.

RWTH Aachen in the Excellence Competition

The internal discussion and restructuring processes concerning the University's core competencies triggered by the Excellence Initiative and the critical analysis of both strengths and weaknesses have generated significant and sustained momentum within the University.

The success in the Excellence Initiative, with three Clusters of Excellence, one Graduate School, and the Institutional Strategy, has resulted both in the enhancement of the University's research profile as well as an increased international visibility. All in all, German universities in general and RWTH in particular were well able to increase they international competitiveness.