Music Lab – Concert Series with Aachen's Symphony Orchestra



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Musical Direction

Justus Thorau

For several years now, Aachen's biggest academic and research facility has been linked in a close collaboration with the city's biggest ensemble. While the symphony orchestra has its seat in the heart of the city, many of the internationally reknown research institutes in the Melaten campus area remain invisible to most of the public.

RWTH Aachen's institutes now present themselves as unique sound spaces, in which the diversity of the respective program choices is mirrored. However, the events are more than just individually shaped concerts. They rather offer the different research institutes an opportunity to present their work to an interested audience. In this way orchestra and university meet on an eye level while creating together a series of exciting and unique nights of music.

Admission and Ticket Sales Admission per concert:
7,50 Euros for students of RWTH
30 Euros regular admission

Ticket Sales:
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