Uni at City Hall


The event series Uni at City Hall, hosted by the city and university, is open to all citizens of Aachen: Current topics and controversial issues are discussed by well-known experts in science and society. This takes place in the form of a panel discussion moderated by WDR journalist Jens Tervooren.

Feel free to ask questions, take a stand and join in the discussion!


A Selection of Past Events


Zero Waste – Is it possible to live without waste?

RWTH Professor Peter Quicker from the Unit of Technology of Fuels, Professor Thoma Pretz from the Institute of Processing and Recycling Solid Waste at RWTH Aachen, and Ulrich Koch, CEO of AWA Entsorgung GmbH formed the discussion panel. The event was moderated by WDR journalist Jens Tervooren.


US Election – Trump or Clinton?

Among the guests were Professor Ralph Rotte from the Chair and Department of Political Science at RWTH Aachen, Hans Stein from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, as well as Heinrich C. Friedhoff from the City Partnership Committee Aachen & Arlington. The event was moderated by Jens Vervooren of WDR.

Violence and Terror – What Is Our Society Drifting Towards?

Participating experts were sociologist and RWTH professor Thomas Kron; Heinz Theisen, professor of political science at the Catholic University of Cologne; and the Aachen Chief of Police, Dirk Weinsprach. The event was moderated by WDR journalist Bettina Staubitz.


Energy Transition – On the Right Path?

RWTH professor Dirk Uwe Sauer; Dr. Peter Asmuth, chair of STAWAG; Dr. Christoph Maurer from consentec Energy Consulting as well as energy expert and journalist Jürgen Döschner were members of the panel discussing the issue. The event was moderated by WDR journalist Bettina Staubitz.