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There are different processes for applying for a university placement in a basic, that is Bachelor, course of study.

An important difference exists between restricted admission and open admission subjects. Restricted admission subjects are those courses of study that have an exclusion grade, the so called numerus clausus or NC.

In NC subjects there are typically less spots available than there are applications. For this reason admission is limited to suitable applicants.

In open admission subjects there are sufficient spots for all suitable applicants. A rejection is only given if an application does not fulfill the formal or educational criteria.

Application Process and German Course

On these pages we explain the Application Process for the First Semester of restricted admission and open admission Bachelor courses of study and let you know what you need to note when applying to a higher semester.

If you are interested in completing a one semester German course before beginning studies, please make note of the information about applying to the preparatory German course at RWTH Aachen.