Accommodation in Aachen

Houses in the center of Aachen Copyright: RWTH Aachen

Finally your own digs! Whether a room in a dorm, sharing an apartment, or an apartment just for you – If you are going to study in Aachen, you need to start looking for a place early on, because RWTH does not maintain any student dorms and therefore cannot offer you a placement.

Typically, RWTH Aachen has more than 8,000 newly enrolled students every winter semester. That means that the number of people looking for a place to live is equally high. As late as March and September, there are lines of students in front of studios, apartments, and dorms, who still need a place to live. And honestly, the chances of finding a place to live don’t look so good so soon before the beginning of the semester. Thus, we recommend that you start looking for a room at least two to three months before classes start.

How to Search for Accomodations

At RWTH there are several advising services that specialize in providing information on the topic of "housing." These are, for example, the Student Union (AStA), the International Office Housing Advice Service, the international student organization INCAS and the Association of Indian Students in Aachen, or AISA, for short.

These organizations have all teamed up and put together a brochure that offers a great amount of information as well as addresses that are helpful for both German and international students. Please take a close look at the brochure, which is only available in English, to find out about all the different options for finding a room or an appartment here in Aachen.

You are a student or a researcher from abroad and need more support? The International Office Housing Advice Service can help you with individualized advice and provide further options through private channels. Please fill out the contact form and sign and send it to us via email at . If needed, you can make an appointment for individualized consultation with us.

Visiting Researchers – A Special Case

Unfortunately, placement in the Studierendenwerk residence halls is not an option for doctoral candidates or visiting researchers. You will thus have to find accomodations elsewhere.

RWTH operates three guesthouses within close proximity to the university campus, which offer varying overnight accomodations. In general, reservations must be made very early on (several months ahead), because demand is great and the guesthouses are often fully booked. A reservation can only be placed by the RWTH Institute that has invited scientists for a research stay. Please contact the institute you'll be visiting early on to have them check availability.

If you will only be conducting research in Aachen for a limited time, you will likely need a furnished room or appartment. On the Wohnen auf Zeit website provided by the city of Aachen you will find offers in German for temporary and furnished accomodations. The International Office Housing Advice Service is also in contact with private persons who are willing to rent out their appartment or house to international researchers. If you are interested in this option, please send the completed contact form to .


What is a housing entitlement certificate, a so-called Wohnberechtigungsschein, and am I eligible to receive it?

To be housed in certain publicly funded and therefore lower-priced appartments, you need to be able to present a housing entitlement certificate, the Wohnberechtigungsschein, which both German and international students can apply for. Those with little income can inquire with the City of Aachen housing office whether they are eligible to obtain a Wohnberechtigungsschein.

I live in a Studierendenwerk residence hall right now. What do I have to consider when I am ready to move out?

Even though your rental agreement with the Studierendenwerk runs until the last day of a given month, your move out day has to fall on a weekday (Monday to Friday) and must be arranged in advance with the janitor.

Please make an appointment with the janitor early on so that he will be available to inspect the condition of your room as you officially check out and return the keys. There will also be an earlier janitor's check of your room, approximately 6 to 8 weeks prior to the end of your rental contract in case any larger repairs must be scheduled in advance.

If you fail to follow the correct procedure when moving out or refuse to allow the early janitor's check, a fee will be deducted from your deposit. For more information, please refer to the Studierendenwerk Questions and Answers page.

I have questions regarding my rental agreement. Who can I turn to?

If you have any questions regarding your rental agreement or if you have run into problems with your landlord, you are welcome to contact thelegal assistance team at the Student Union, or AStA. There you can get advice from lawyers and find out what exactly your rights and obligations are as a tenant. AStA also organizes seminars on the topic of landlord and tenant law. Information on upcoming events can be found here. Under downloads you can also find an ASta brochure on this specific topic. Please note that it is only offered in German.

I would like to live in the Netherlands. Is that a possibility?

German students or students who are nationals of other EU countries may live in the Netherlands. Non-EU Nationals have the option of taking part in the Parkstad Limburg pilot project. For more information about this project, please refer to the "Wohnguide" or contact the International Office.

I would like to rent out or sublet an appartment. Who can tell me what to do?

If you would like to rent out or sublet an appartment or a house, please take a moment to read our page on information for landlords.