Bachelor Allocation Process for International Students

There are two different processes for allocating university placements to international students in Bachelor courses of study. Bachelor courses of study can either have a numerus clausus or have open admission. A numerus clausus is implemented when there are more applications than spots availabe in the course of study. All suitable applications are taken into consideration for the open admission courses of study.



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Allocation Process for Restricted Admission Courses of Study

If you apply for a subject with numerus clausus, all the necessary documents must be at RWTH Aachen before the application deadline. Submitting documents after this deadline is not possible. Study placements are allocated according to the transcript or degree grade. We also pay attention to the diversity of the student body. This means that placements are allocated in a such a way so that every nationality gets at least one placement.

Applicants from the European Union

Citizens of countries in the European Union should note that applications are handled by the Registrar's Office or Hochschulstart.

Allocation Process for Open Admission Courses of Study

In order to participate in the open allocation process, your transcript must have a grade of 2.5 or better. This does not apply to individuals who are legally treated the same as German citizens, for example citizens from the European Union or internationals who completed a German Abitur.

Suitability is reviewed during the open process. If you are formally suitalbe, then you are admitted. If documents are missing at the time of application, you may receive a provisional admission. This means that you are being accepted with the understanding that you will submit all necessary documents at the time of enrollment.