forum IKS – Adaptable Communication System for Future European Railways

Wednesday, November 22, 2017, 5pm

The GSM‐R cellular network currently provides a standardized communication platform operable all over Europe, on which the mobile voice and data applications of Deutsch Bahn AG are based. The continued digitalization of rail operations, however, certainly brings challenges with it, one of them being that the communications standard GSM-R finalized in 2000 will not be able to handle the load anymore in the future. Part of the European Research Initiative Shift2Rail, the "Adaptable Communication System" project is dedicated to evaluating and defining a new, adaptive IP-based communication system, which will be able to meet the requirements of rail operations in the future.

This lecture will give insight into the EU project Shift2Rail and look at the effectiveness of present-day or future cellular networks for innovative railway applications, particularly in light of the shortage of available frequencies.

After the lecture, guests will have the opportunity to further discuss matters with the speaker while enjoying a light snack.

When? November 22, 2017, 5pm
Where? Lecture hall 4G, Muffeter Weg 3a
Speaker Dr.‐Ing. Benedikt Eschbach, Advaneo GmbH
Language German